MINI of Dutchess County is your Snow Tire Headquarters!

At MINI of Dutchess County, you'll find the best selection of tires for every type of vehicle. Everything we stock is competitively priced, and ready to be professionally installed, so your Service Advisor will provide options for your vehicle and budget. We have a complete lineup of major tire brands, with Same Day and Next Day availability. Original Equipment and OE Alternatives are available, along with full Manufacturer Rebates when they apply.

You get 12 months of Road Hazard Protection (100% coverage for the year)!

When you shop for new tires, where you live and how you drive are important factors to consider, and your Service Advisor can help choose from versatile all-season, winter tires or performance models. Whatever your choice, it's important to always purchase replacements as a complete set, because your car is sensitive to differences in ride quality between wheels and mismatched tires.


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  • Low profile, stiff sidewalls and softer rubber compounds improve traction and cornering performance
  • Shallow water channels provide more tread surface area but sacrifices wet weather handling
  • Resistant to heat build-up especially in hot climate conditions


  • Detailed tread configurations and premium rubber compounds offer versatility and value
  • Designed for a comfortable ride year-round in moderate climates
  • Not recommended in driving conditions with temperatures below 45°


  • Special rubber compounds enable treads to remain soft and flexible at temperatures below 45°F
  • More aggressive tread pattern maximizes road contact and traction
  • Sharper edges and closer spacing allow for better grip on snow and ice
Low-profile wheels and tires are more susceptible to road hazard and consequential damage. Some of the wheels shown may not be compatible with all models. Speak to a MINI Service Advisor for compatibility details.